New Basecamp: Mesa Diablo


Since the beginning of this adventure four years ago, we have been looking for a sweet little campsite to call our own. We took our time, we deliberated. Should it be in town, close to urban amenities? Should it be on the water or in the hills? To the east or to the west of Tulsa?

At last, we have found that place. A place that will be our command center and a place that will give our campers a truly unique camping and camp-inspired experiences.

That place is Mesa Diablo.

Reasons to be excited about this:

  • Exclusive Getaway: Being a small, private getaway spot, your experience will feel more intimate. No longer will our luxury camp customers have to fall asleep next to a roaring RV generator.

  • Lower Rates: Staying in one spot means we can bring our rates down for Mesa Diablo guests.

  • Events: Having our own property means we have room to get creative. We’re excited to host events that compliment our guests camping experiences.

  • Varied Accommodations: We get it - not everyone is comfortable sleeping under canvas. At Mesa Diablo, our campers can choose from a range of accommodations - from tent camping to cabin camping (which is not really camping but whatever).

About Mesa Diablo

Located on the north side of Skiatook Lake, Mesa Diablo is about 40 minutes from Tulsa and 40 minutes from Pawhuska. From the Mesa, you have views of Lake Skiatook and the rolling Osage Hills. Overnight accommodations include a cabin, a bunkhouse (in the barn), Airstreams, and, of course TENTS. The property features 8 miles of trails, field games, campfires, nearby lake access, kayak rentals … and we’re just getting started.

And Now for Some Questions From the Audience

Is this a totalitarian overthrow? I have a gate key to Mesa Diablo and I would like to know whether I will still be able to use it.

Do not fret, we are benevolent overlords. 2019 gate key holders will still have access to the property. However, the property will be in use more frequently. Before heading out, you will want to check the calendar on the Members page to make sure there isn’t a private event going on. If you want to stay overnight, just check the calendar and use the form on the Members page to let us know so we can make sure we don’t double book any of the accommodations. Is that too impersonal? You can also just call or text Jessica at 918-892-1637.

How does this impact your other services? Can we still call you to set up a tent for us?

You CAN still call us to set up camp for you! We are still booking for backyard birthday parties, lounge tents, and multi-tent events such as festivals and retreats. This new development will primarily impact our indivdual campers who call us to set up a single tent at state parks and the like. We encourage our local (Tulsa/Oklahoma area) campers to use this as their go-to spot because it offers a more unique experience at a lower cost to you.

I need to know more about the bathroom situation before I can get excited about this.

Naturally, naturally. The cabin and the bunkhouse both have private bathrooms with showers. Airstream and tent campers have access to a shared bathhouse (normal toilet and shower), plus an outdoor shower, both located off the barn.

This all sounds very cool. Can I book the property for my wedding, retreat, outdoor event, pagan moon ritual?

Yes, yes you can. We don’t have a fancy barn from the 1800’s but we do have a regular barn, a lot of wilderness, and a willingness to get creative with your ideas.

I still have questions.

We have answers.

Check our our website:

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Or call us at 918-892-1637

Happy camping,

The Homma Camp Crew

Jessica Brent