where can you set up camp?

Generally, we can set up camp at any local or state-operated parks, private land, your backyard, etc. Our single-tent service is only available in the Oklahoma area. We can provide service throughout the US, and even internationally, for multiple-tent events (5 tent minimum).

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending on how many tents you need, what level of outfitting you require, and your location. Please contact us for an estimate.

what is included in a camp set up?

We have a variety of options available. Our most basic option is to provide you with an empty tent and let you outfit it yourself. We can also provide a ‘BYOB’ service, which is a lightly outfitted tent with rugs, lighting, camp chairs, and door mat but campers provide their own bedding. Full service camp outs include beds (real mattress on a wood frame), sheets, down comforter, pillows, throw pillows, rugs, throw blankets, lanterns, string lighting, camp chairs, and door mat. Additional amenities are available upon request (projector, record player, campfire catering, etc).

Will there be bathrooms and showers available?

The facilities vary upon location. If you are camping at a public campground there will be bathrooms available (often they will be clean, flushing toilets but sometimes they are just holes in the ground). Most campgrounds have shower facilities as well. We usually try to scout out campsites that are close to the best facilities.

If you are planning a campout on private land, you may need to do some additional planning for bathroom/shower accommodations. If there is no facility available onsite, you may need to rent portable outhouse/showers from a porto-potty company (there are some luxury rental options available). We do not currently provide bathrooms or showers for our campers.

what if it’s cold outside?

Fear not! We have a few options available to keep our campers toasty. If there is a power source nearby, we can run electricity to the tents and power space heaters and/or heated mattress pads. We also have in-tent wood burning stoves available. To keep warm when you’re not in your tent, sit around the campfire or build up heat internally by going for a hike!

What if it’s hot outside?

We have fans available! If there is a power source nearby, we can run one of our oscillating fans. If there is not power, we have battery powered fans available.

what if it rains?

Our tents are sturdy and water resistant. It is important to zip up all windows and doors when it rains to keep your gear and your people dry. If you’ve zipped everything up but you still find there is water coming in, check around the tent for places where water is pooling on the canvas. Sometimes this happens along the edges or at the base of the tent. You might need to tighten a guy line or flip the skirt down around the groundsheet to let water flow off the tent.

what should i pack for my camp out?

We usually send out a suggested packing list prior to your camp out. Some recommendations include: two pairs of sensible shoes, layered clothing, your own pillow if you’re particular, a teddy bear, rain gear, sunscreen, bug spray, headlamps, food, water, entertainment (card games, books, etc.).

How many tents do you have available?

We currently have 23 tents available for immediate service, plus two vintage Airstreams. We can always acquire additional tents to accommodate your event.

can you provide service in the UK/South Africa/Australia/Etc.?

We do not currently provide service internationally.