Who's running this thing?

DeAnna Cooper + Jessica Brent, the adventurous duo.

What is it you do exactly?

We are purveyors of the camp lifestyle. We aim to bring the magic of sleeping under the stars within reach for folks that don't necessarily have the time or gear for DIY camping.

Our Pop-Up Service supplies furnished bell tents for special occasions: festivals, weddings, retreats and the like.

Our boutique campground, in development, provides an easy getaway spot for folks that want to feel like they've escaped to nature but are still close to urban amenities.

What's your story?

Well, we like adventure and we can't think of anything more adventurous than running our own business. We spent the past year living and traveling in southern Spain and weren't content settling back into the nine to five routine. Upon returning, we purchased a 1974 VW camper and spent the summer camping and tootling around. Through these adventures (and misadventures) we have refined the art of comfortable outdoor adventuring. Our experiences traveling and being outdoors have informed the design of our business. We want to make it easy to get outside and stay outside.

What the heck is a homma?

"Homma" (pronounced 'HOME-ah') is the Choctaw word for 'red'. We are based in Oklahoma, another Choctaw word, which translates to mean land of the red people. Jessica is Choctaw, we are both Oklahoman, and our goal is to make you feel at home in the great outdoors - a home-a-way from home!