Our STory

DeAnna Cooper + Jessica Brent

DeAnna Cooper + Jessica Brent

About us

We’ve had some adventures. From strenuous bicycle tours, to loooong, slow road trips in our VW bus, to living and traveling abroad. Most of our adventures have included 1-4 children. Through these adventures (and misadventures) we have refined the art of comfortable outdoor adventuring. Our experiences traveling and being outdoors have informed the design of our business. Our mission is to make it easy for people to get outside and enjoy time in nature with loved ones.


About the name

"Homma" (pronounced 'HOME-ah', as in Oklahoma) is the Choctaw word for 'red'. We are based in Oklahoma, another Choctaw word, which translates to land of the red people.

Jessica is Choctaw.

We are both Oklahoman.

We want you feel at home in the great outdoors: A home-a-way from home! (see what we did there?)


We are proud to allocate a portion of our sales towards sending kids to camp. Our primary beneficiary is Tulsa’s Westside YMCA and Camp Takatoka. If you are planning a fundraiser and would like to request a donation, please keep in mind that we limit our giving to camp-related organizations.